Sep 26

INSYSM product at Modtissimo

Exhibition of the INSYSM?s prototype at the 4th edition of Innovative Products Showcase at the Portuguese Fair Modtissimo, 24-25 September 2014 at Alfândega do Porto.

Modtissimo is a biannual Portuguese Fair presenting textile, cloths and accessories producers.


May 30

First INSYSM patent

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INSYSM consortium registered first patent.

Pedido Provisório de Patente n? 7235 C de 30/05/2014, C para ?Carbon filaments epoxy composites for both strengthening and health monitoring of structures?

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May 7

Presentation of INSYSM at FEUP

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Nov 30

FISIPE in November 2011 while startup of first SUT secondment within INSYSM project

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Nov 25

SUT and INSYSM in Porto