Politechnika Śląska, SUT

Silesian University of Technology

Project Co-ordinator

SUT was established in 1945 as the first technical university in Upper Silesia, the most industrialized region in Poland. Its creation has allowed meeting the specific industrial requirements and needs in the scope of highly qualified staff, modern techniques and production technologies. Presently SUT has 13 faculties employing more than 1900 scientists, including 230 professors. Now there are more than 29 000 students learning in modern and very well-equipped buildings situated all over the Silesian Region with the main seat in Gliwice. Silesian University of Technology in 2007 initiated integrative studies for disabled people.

With successes SUT is accomplishing it?s educational and research mission as well as it is taking direct challenges to the future, from one side cultivating the academic tradition, but on the other side constantly altering towards excellence.

As an organization with huge research and training potential SUT holds a stimulating impact on the growth of Silesia and Zagłębie and significantly contribute to the creation of the economy based on knowledge management.

The Department of Structural Engineering of SUT, which is responsible for the INSYSM project proposal, apart from very broad and diverse analytic works, conducts numerous research and expert works relying on its own laboratory and in situ test, always keeping close contact with industry. Almost 65 years of work in most industrial region of Poland results with visible and significant role in shaping the engineering practice in Poland. In this place were born first descriptions of coal mining subsoil exploitation impact on structures on the surface, which determined the methods of building protection used till today. In recent years it was to place were first Polish FRP strengthening design guidelines were proposed. Policy of the Department establish practical implementation of analytical works, so staff was involved in real life projects, in many cases important for the region and all country, and partly EU as well.

Coordinator: Marcin Górski

WP’s Coordinators: Rafał Krzywoń (WP2), Szymon Dawczyński (WP3), Leszek Szojda (WP4)


Universidade da Beira Interior, UBI

UBI has been created in the place were 1764 Marqu?s de Pombal had created Portuguese centre of textile industry. It was meant as a scientific base for main on Iberian Peninsula and one most significant in Europe textile industry centres, therefore Textile Faculty played there leading role. Close contact between science and industry created strong group of practically oriented scientists sensible for the needs of rapidly developing textile branch. The Research Unit of UBI is supported by laboratory equipped with in between: Spinning Room, Fibres and Yarns Lab, Waving Room and Textile Chemistry Lab. In recent years UBI team was working on ?smart textiles?, mainly for clothing industry. There has been tested possibilities of physiological measurements, body temperature or electrocardiograms, yet biochemical sensing techniques are developed that can take measurements from fluids like sweat and blood.

Developed textiles are ready to measure deformation, temperature, humidity, those data may be transferred wireless to external computer. Described clothing technology could be almost directly transferred to the technical textile used for structural strengthening.

UBI Coordinator: Rita Salvado


FISIPE S.A. – Fibras Sintéticas de Portugal

FISIPE is a producer of technical fibres with plant at Lavradio, Portugal, operating since 1976. The company was set up in 1973 as a result of a joint-venture between CUF and the Japanese Group Mitsubishi. FISIPE, from a company producing basically standard textile fiber has gradually become a producer of special acrylic fibers, namely pre-dyed fibers, functional fibers and fibers for technical applications. Nowadays it introduce the production technology of carbon fibres as one of very few producers in EU.

FISIPE Coordinator: Bruno Pereira


FIDIA S.r.l. ? Technical Global Services

Existing for 15 years Italian enterprise FIDIA disposes competent and experienced team, participating in many responsible and difficult processes of historical structures technical rehabilitation, restoration, real time monitoring and maintenance. Their activity on very demanding Italian market with precious historical monuments many times affected by complex situations like for example earthquakes allowed them to understand well the behaviour of such structures and became the leader in this discipline in Italy. FIDIA staff recruits from scientists and practicing engineers with academic links ? FIDIA cooperates closely with many universities, i.e. most important Italian universities, Bath (UK), Missouri-Rolla (USA), participating also in research projects. Such a reach attitude allows FIDIA choosing problem-tailored solution, individualised for each structure and its situation. Most recently FIDIA involved in rescuing historical heritage of Abruzzo region affected lately by major earthquake.

FIDIA Coordinator: Chiara Agenloni


Euro-Projekt, EP

Euro-Projekt is small enterprise based in Wrocław, Pl with over 10 years of experience in NDT diagnosing, monitoring and strengthening structures, in this number ? historical. Euro-Projekt specialises in FRP strengthenings, both design and application. Their wide practical knowledge of structure behaviour is completed by constant contact with scientists and it is proved by numerous publications in Polish professional and scientific journals. Thanks to this Euro-Projekt was selected to participate in prestigious and responsible works in Poland and Ukraine. List of their realisations consists, among others, of historical buildings in old towns of Wrocław and Poznań, in this number one of the oldest timber structure in Poland, Jagiellonian Library in Kraków (Cracow), historical sluices in Wrocław and most recently Centennial Hall in Wrocław, the oldest concrete structure in Poland ? and historical monument on UNESCO World Heritage list.

EP Coordinator: Tomasz Bartosik

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