Sep 26

INSYSM product at Modtissimo

Exhibition of the INSYSM?s prototype at the 4th edition of Innovative Products Showcase at the Portuguese Fair Modtissimo, 24-25 September 2014 at Alfândega do Porto.

Modtissimo is a biannual Portuguese Fair presenting textile, cloths and accessories producers.


Jul 3

INSYSM Seminar

Katedra Inżynierii Budowlanej Politechniki Śląskiej

zaprasza na

bezpłatne seminarium

dotyczące wzmacniania konstrukcji budowlanych za pomocą nakładek FRP.


7 lipca 2014 – poniedziałek

Seminarium jest podsumowaniem europejskiego projektu INSYSM


Początek seminarium o godz. 9.00 w  auli 309 Wydziału Budownictwa Politechniki Śląskiej

Program semianrium:

  • Przyczyny uszkodzeń konstrukcji budowlanych ? Szymon Dawczyński
  • Wzmocnienia FRP ? Marcin Górski
  • Obliczanie wzmocnień FRP dostosowane do polskich przepisów normatywnych ? Rafał Krzywoń
  • Polskie realizacje wzmocnień FRP ? Tomasz Bartosik, Krzysztof Koperski
  • The guideliness for restauration of historical structures ? Chiara Agneloni

Przerwa na kawę ? ok. 11.30-11.45

  • Badania laboratoryjne belki wzmocnionej FRP ? godz. 12.00 ? Laboratorium Wydziału Budownictwa.


Przewidywany koniec ok. 12.30


May 30

First INSYSM patent

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INSYSM consortium registered first patent.

Pedido Provisório de Patente n? 7235 C de 30/05/2014, C para ?Carbon filaments epoxy composites for both strengthening and health monitoring of structures?

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May 20

FISIPE at Techtextil

FISIPE’s booth during its presentation in USA during Techtextil

Techtextil North America Atlanta is one of the most successful events. This event display wide range of textile products and nonwovens products like canvas products, coated textiles, machines and accessories, yarn, fibers, knitted fabrics and many other innovative products. This show is a great platform for all the exhibitors who are interested to introduce their new brands. The event focuses on the developments and opportunities for nonwovens and other textile companies. Techtextil  brings many experienced exhibitors like American Flock Association this is the only trade association dedicated to the fiber-coating industry in North America and many other top most industrialist will be there.


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May 15

SUT and INSYSM presentation at WW EPS Meeting in Lleida

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Mar 30

results of INSYSM presented at largest meeting of Polish engineers

Sep 2

new FRP strengthening realizations by EuroProjekt

New active FRP strengthenings on highway bridges in Poland and Lithuania realized by EuroProjekt.

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May 1

Publication: Diagnosing of existing buildings

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Apr 19

presentation of INSYSM in Kazakhstan

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meeting at ENU, Astana, Kazakhstan

SUT delegation at Eurasian National University in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Delegation of Silesian University of Technology (v-ce Rector prof. Ryszard Białecki, dr Marek Salamak and dr Marcin Górski) was hosted by Eurasian National University for the talks about widening of cooperation.

Both universities are focused on seeking and practical use of innovative technologies, mainly in area of energy and sustainability. ENU representatives were interested in development and implementation of innovative techniques in construction. Dr Górski draw attention on the research and realizations of Smart Structures and presented coordinated at SUT INSYSM project.

More information here >


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Jan 15

New INSYSM publication

new INSYSM publication:

In Construction and Building Materials:

Wireless sensor networks for temperature and humidity monitoring within concrete structures.

Authors: Norberto Barroca, Luís M. Borges, Fernando J. Velez, Filipe Monteiro, Marcin Górski, Jo?o Castro-Gomes

Full text at ScienceDirect >